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 Service Deposit Discount

Each team member parent or guardian is required to serve a total of 2 credit hours in the support of league functions.  Your registration includes a $25 Service Deposit which is returned upon the completion of the required minimum 2 credit hours. Those who do not wish to participate in this discount program may opt out at registration or not sign up.

Service opportunities and their respective credits are as follows

Field Referee (max 2 per field per game)  Credit hours = 1.0 per game

Line Referee (monitors lines,  out of bounds lines, assists ball spotting, first downs, touchdowns etc)  Credit hours = .5 per game

Field Setup (approximately 5 minutes of placing cones on field)  Credit hours 1/3 per game.

Game Field close and put away.  (approximately 5 minutes of packing, organizing and putting away field cones and balls etc.)

Credit hours = 1/3 per game

Drills and coaching assist at pre season leaguewide clinics.  Credit hours = .5 hours per event

Other and Miscellaneous / General Help when needed.  Credit Hours = 1/3 to .5 per game.

Team Head Coaches do not perform Service for Deposit nor do they pay a Service Deposit.  Head coaches receive an immediate discount at registration and perform that service for the entire season.

Assistant coaches, team parents, snack coordinators etc. while encouraged as involvement are team support and do not support league operations.  These do not qualify as service for deposit return.  

IMPORTANT: Service must be reserved and recorded in advance to be credited.  To sign up for a sevice function email us at

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