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Counselor in Training

Active, outgoing and friendly young people ages 14 - 18 will learn valuable leadership and work skills while guiding our younger campers to a summer of adventure and lasting memories.

Counselors in Training (CITs) assist Senior Staff members in the program fun and supervision of an assigned group of campers ages 5-12.  While a CIT is never left alone to supervise a group, the CIT will develop valuable supervisory, teaching, coaching and real work experience and skills.

CITs  use their work experience with our camps to develop solid references and enhance their resumes and work background when seeking future employment or educational opportunities.  CITs will assist senior staff in providing a fun, exciting program for all campers, become positive role models for younger campers and grow lots of great friendships with fellow CITs and senior staff.

We recognize that CITs are young people deserving of an adventure filled, exciting and fun summer vacation and this program is flexible enough to offer the CIT the valuable leaderships skills while encouraging them to make the most of their summer experience also.

Only responsible, friendly, outgoing and fun oriented Teens are accepted in this program.  The CIT will be required to function and fulfill duties with age appropiate responsibilities as a member of our support staff.  We offer a rewarding, fun and adventurous summer for our CIT's and in return we ask that the CIT is helpful, responsible and capable of assisting in the program support and ensuring the safety of our younger campers.


This is a fee based program and the fee charged covers all costs associated with the CIT being with us. 


Camp times :

Full Day Sports OR Skateboard Camp  9am - 3:30pm

Fee: $200 per week for one week

        $130 per week for multiple weeks  (two or more)

Weeks of July 31 and August 7 are Exploration Camp only with minimum age 15 and fee is $220.


 includes admission to all adventure activities. 


NOTE: Most CITs will be assigned to the Sports Camp and participate in that camp unless the CIT expresses interest and knowledge / ability to assist in Skateboarding. 


Only select, older CITs will be assigned to the EXPLORATION Camp.

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